2011 Transport Achievement Award Call For Application

OECD Daimi Temsilciliği 24.01.2011

Paris, 24 January 2011

Recognising Mobility Solutions that Put People First

2011 Transport Achievement Award Call for Application

Showing how they are putting people first in transport is the challenge for applicants of the 2011Transport Achievement Award, according to the Call for Application launched today.

The Transport Achievement Award will recognise projects or initiatives that demonstrate excellence in identifying and efficiently meeting the transport needs of their clients. It aims to highlight the importance of taking seriously the transport needs of society, both in relation to personal mobility and to ensure ready access of goods within communities.

The International Transport Forum at the OECD is offering this prestigious award jointly with the International Association for Public Transport (UITP), the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services (CLECAT) and the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA),

Applications for the Award are open to all modes of transport: operators, service providers, authorities, and suppliers and/or manufacturers, within International Transport Forum member and observer countries. It will be awarded in the presence of Transport Ministers from around the globe at the International Transport Forum’s annual summit to be held 25-27 May 2011 in Leipzig, Germany.

“Transport options that meet the needs of the client are essential to influence individuals’ choices and transport behaviours, which have a significant bearing on challenges faced by the transport industry and society itself,” said Jack Short, Secretary General of the International Transport Forum at the OECD.

Added Hans Rat, Secretary General of UITP: “Radical change in citizens’ travel behaviour is needed to achieve the UITP’s ambitious goal of doubling the public transport market share worldwide by 2025, which is key to the growth of sustainable and efficient mobility in cities. With this objective, UITP members will keep working to provide lifestyle services and develop a new business culture to meet the needs of the public transport clients.”

Heiner Rogge, Secretary General of CLECAT and FIATA commented: “Societies rely heavily on the efficient deliveries in supporting the daily needs: food, clothing, entertainment items...it all depends on the ‘invisible hand’ of efficient logistics, which is both a source of employment for many and a reliable support for their lifestyles. Freight services exist only if they put people first.”

For more details or to apply for the Award, go to www.internationaltransportforum.org/2011.

The closing date for applications is 21 March 2011.


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About the International Transport Forum

The International Transport Forum is a strategic think tank for the transport sector. Each year, it brings together Ministers from over 50 countries, along with leading decision-makers and actors from the private sector, civil society and research, to address transport issues of strategic importance. An intergovernmental organisation linked to the OECD, the Forum's goal is to help shape the transport policy agenda, and ensure that it contributes to economic growth, environmental protection, social inclusion and the preservation of human life and wellbeing. The 2011 International Transport Forum, to be held on 25-27 May in Leipzig, Germany, will focus on Transport for Society.

About the International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

UITP is the international network for public transport authorities and operators, policy decision-makers, scientific institutes and the public transport supply and service industry. It is a platform for worldwide cooperation, business development and the sharing of know-how between its 3100 members from 90 countries. UITP is the global advocate for public transport and sustainable mobility, and the promoter of innovations in the sector.

About the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) was founded in Vienna in 1926. Today it is the largest and leading non-governmental organization in the field of transportation, representing 40’000 forwarding and logistics companies employing up to 10 million people inover 150 countries. FIATA has consultative status with several United Nations bodies and is recognized by many governmental and private organizations worldwide. The Federation’s main objectives are to promote and protect the interests of the freight forwarding industry, to improve the quality of freight forwarding services, to assist with vocational training and to familiarize the business world in particular and the public in general with the wide range services rendered by the industry.

About the European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistic and Customs Services (CLECAT)

An international non profit association, CLECAT was established in 1958 in Antwerp;it is nowlocated in Brusselsand it is also registered in the Commission’s interest representatives’ roster. CLECAT promotes the activity and defends the interests of its European members in connection with a large number of institutional and non-institutional counterparts at European level. Our members voice the interests of more than 19000 companies employing in excess of 1000000 staff. Multinational, medium and small freight forwarders and Customs agents are all part of CLECAT's structures, thus making it the most representative structure of its kind.



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